Borobudur Silver Chain Back Detail 50 cm


The Borobudur Silver Chain is hand weaved. Its’ width is 2mm and it’s available in different lengths. The closure has a hanging chain thata, adorning the neck and the back. It’s 50 cm long and is available in other sizes.

The Rantai Borobudur owes its name to the Borobudur temple in Central Java; the elements of the chain form a shape similar to a pagoda in the temple. The Borobudur temple is the second biggest Buddha temple in the world.
Made of different sizes, volumes and shapes, the chains are entirely handmade, each link being a combination of rings. The rings are of a specific size and their quantity varies according to the desired pattern. The Rantai Borobudur are originally from Indonesia, where some villages have dedicated themselves exclusively to the production of the chains for a long time. Kids learn this art at home when they are very young, sometimes also at school.


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