We can develop individualized projects matching your requirements. There are plenty of possibilities.

Choose any piece from our collection and customize it according to your preferences. Change different aspects such as size, type and colour of gemstones, weight, materials or any other you like.

We can also create something totally new if you have an idea or a particular project in mind. Just send us your notes, designs or drawings. We will then prepare a few sketches and send them to your consideration.

Complete the form bellow mentioning as many details as you can.

If you wish to make changes to a piece you have seen, please paste the link, code or any reference of it. To develop a piece for you, we need the following information:

-Type of jewellery (ring, pendant, bracelet, earring, chain),

-Main measures (height, width, thickness),

-Ring size, length of chain or bracelet (for more info click here)

-Material (silver, silver and gold, gold only)

-Type or gemstones color

Any project is welcome as long as it can be individually hand made by our ethnic smiths, always respecting EthnoPur´s values and methods of elaboration.





    FAQ about custom orders

    How does it work?

    Once you send the completed form, it will take between 1 to 7 days for us to consider your inquiry.

    If you wish to modify or adapt an existing design, we will send you an e-mail back informing you about the price of the piece and the approximate delivery date.

    If your idea is to develop a completely new piece, we will e-mail you a few sketches as proposals. The e-mail will also contain details of approximate size and weight, materials, type of stones and/or options of chain patterns (weaving). You will also find the price of each individual project, as well as the estimated time of delivery. 

    If after receiving our e-mail you wish to apply any changes, we will adapt the sketches. After we receive your written approval we can start creating your piece!

    How long will it take?

    As soon as your order is approved, your piece will take 2 to 6 weeks to be delivered. You can choose to either pick it up at our showrooms, or have it delivered to your home. 

    Will I receive updates on my project?

    Yes, we will send you updates. Before shipping your piece, we will forward you pictures of the finished project. If you approve, we will proceed with shipping and payment.

    How do I know the price?

    If starting from an existing piece, the price will generally be similar to the original.

    A bigger size, adding gold or different gemstones may vary the price. 

    Each project is different, that is why we will let you know the price by e-mail after receiving your specifications.

    How can I pay and where will I receive my piece?

    Once your project is approved you can pay through this website. At least 50% must be paid in advance and the rest when is finished. You can either pick up your piece at our showrooms, or have it delivered to your home address. 

    How do I know my size?

    We have a size chart, please follow this link



    Nos encanta trabajar en productos personalizados creemos en la exlcusividad y en las cosas unicas bablabal.

    Trabajando junto con nuestro equipo de diseñadores podemos modificar algun produto que te guste o desarrollar una nueva idea , seguiremos los requisitos y volveremos con propuestas graficas.

    ehtnopur individually hand made …. balbalbala

    Please complete the form trying to add every detail. In case you want to create a piece using one that you have seen add the link, code or any reference of it.
    Some important info we would like to know is: ring size, bracelet or chain legth, material, type or colour of gemstones and general measures.

    We develop pieces made for each customer according to their individual requests. The possibilities are limitless. Create a complete new piece, adapt the one you liked to your size, make a new one with other colours of gemstones. Make it smaller or bigger. Is up to you.

    Please complete this form with the information